Sunday, October 7, 2012

Civil War Infographic

Once again, I struggled over the weekend with web-based tools. I simply could not find a program -- for free -- that I could figure out, use easily and be satisfied with the product. Eventually I used a program I'm more familiar with, but isn't based on Web 2.0 technology. That program was Microsoft Publisher. I wanted to produce a document with links to various web sites, so students could easily go to the source to learn more about a subject. Since I could only post a picture here, and not a web-based document, those links are not active on this picture. But they are there. Hopefully this will be sufficient to my classmates.

It would have been nice to have a little more room, but with what I was working with my best option was to choose 11x17 format. I would hope to use this infographic in a high school Social Studies classroom. Now that it's done, it's possible, I hope, to move all of the graphics and information into a web-based program. Otherwise, the students would have to have MS Office in order to use the links. At least I think that's the case. Still, the PDF version of this document allows for linking.


  1. I really like that your infographic is a timeline. It's great for supporting what they learned and it would also serve as a great example of a culminating project at the end of a unit. I don't have to read all of your source information to know that you it's there. Truthfully, that you could use a program like Microsoft Publisher to produce an infographic is an example of how we could all spend some time familiarizing ourselves and using some creativity with those programs that are available at most levels of education to produce resources that students can use. I think the point is that you "got the job done" and didn't need Web 2.0 to do it. That is outstanding Rob! We all tend to whine about what we don't have and you used what you do have to accomplish the same task. I'm impressed.

  2. I also struggled with finding a free program that I liked and that I could use with my students. In the end I used MS Word because I am familiar with it an my students have access to it. I would like to find a free program that is user friendly and easy enough for my students to use.