Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-Class Musings

27 June: As I begin to put the pieces together for this new class, I will pause to set the stage for future posts. My summer began with winter.

On Memorial Day, it snowed. In Yellowstone National Park it did, and that's where I was at. It was wonderful. A veteran of Western U.S. travel in my younger days, I always wanted to take my children out there before, you know, I was too old to do it. I love my family, but they are beachniks, which isn't a bad way to be, it just isn't as good as being mountain people. I flew with three people that had never flown before and landed in Denver. We then rented a car and headed for Jackson, Wyoming. It snowed every day in Jackson, which was wonderful. After visiting Teton and Yellowstone, we headed back to Colorado for three more days.

I was happy to have revisited my old stomping grounds, and was happy my family enjoyed it so much. Now as I begin class in late June, it's been nine weeks since I opened a textbook, and I'm finding it a little tough to get motivated. But this class looks so interesting, it might not be that difficult to get going. We'll see.