Saturday, February 9, 2013


It really is exciting how quickly my personal learning network is expanding, and in really good directions. I am a confirmed member of Classroom 2.0, and that looks very exciting as I'm just exploring that site. I am a member of EdWeb, and I can see potential there, but it's not as obvious as some other places. I'm glad I'm on there, but it's going to take something I haven't seen yet to get me excited about that site.

I am waiting on acceptance to the ning, the Educator's PLN. That place looks really exciting, and I've barely begun to scratch the surface. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tom Whitby created that ning. I've been following him on Twitter for about two months, and he's among the best.

I always have the job search in the back of my mind. I'm starting to get up there in age, and I've been working part-time and going to school for about seven years now. I want full-time work yesterday. So anytime I stretch my PLN I'm hoping that I make a connection that pays dividends down the road. But as for learning, there is nothing better than colleagues and peers that know what you know, feel what you feel, and know your needs. And the information that is shared is absolutely incredible. That's why I like Twitter so much. I feel like I've learned a ton just by being on that network. If I could just apply everything I'm learning...


  1. I can really tell by seeing all your Tweets, how knowledgable you are! I'm very impressed! I hope I can eventually get to that. It's good to hear that you are being so resourceful and really expanding your PLN's and hopefully will get that job of yours soon!!

  2. I hear you on that job search comment. I've been unemployed or underemployed for years now, and at 55 I'm no spring chicken. I have no evidence, but you sure start to wonder if you're facing age discrimination. Anyway, my major motivation for the MET degree was to make myself more marketable. I hope it works out for both of us.

  3. In job hunting, who you know has always been one of the best ways to get that interview. My first teaching job I got because I waited on the high school secretary everyday at lunch. I know that I have used the list serv to find applicants before our school advertised the opening. Just keep putting your name out there. Are you certified in MO as well as IL? My nephew has been looking for a teaching position near Collinsville for 2 years. He is working as an aide until he can find a position.

  4. Good luck in the job hunt! I had a tough time getting a regular classsroom position after I graduated from college and I was a "spring chicken." I had to put in some time as a para in sped, but it eventually paid off. I agree with Ella, it's not what you know, it's who you know.