Monday, August 20, 2012

Shifting sands

As you read the posts below, written about a year ago, two things will surely take place: firstly, you will be bored beyond comprehension; secondly you will see a student who didn't want to rock the boat.

Those two things will change. I refuse to be boring; and I refuse to 'toe the company line' as it were. There isn't enough time left to try to make others happy. Forces are coming together that are affecting our children. We must keep perspective and tradition in the conversation, or we will be lost in a sea of political correctness and scores.

We must take every step to teach our children character. But this is useless if character is not being taught in the home. We must give our students the tools to succeed in their world; but there is more to this than providing them with an iPad and teaching them how to create a blog.

I am always involved in the EdTech conversation: I love it. I see a lot that I like, and a lot that is useless. What I often do not see is common sense. To many people, this makes me an old codger; a fool, irrelevant.

I am still learning, and will always be learning. My posts should reflect that. But I have something to offer, too. That's why this blog will now be known as the Codger Report.

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  1. Rob-

    I am really excited to be learning along with you this semester! I think you will bring a unique perspective to the class.